Shahid Madani Hospital is an advanced hospital of cardiology and pediatrics. Being approximately 8000 square meters, it is located in the south-west of Khorramabad. It was first founded as a pediatric hospital in 1982, and the cardiology ward was added in 2007.
This center has been organized to provide its services to the patients in both cardiology and pediatrics with perfect facilities. The cardiology ward includes open-heart surgery operating theatre, internal cardiology, angiography, and emergency, and the pediatric ward contains emergency, isolation section, internal diseases 1, and infants section. The intensive care ward includes NICU, POSTICU, CCU1, CCU2, and Surgical ICU.
There are different preclinical wards in this hospital (laboratory, radiology, echocardiography, stress test, and in the near future sonography), ready to provide outpatient services to all citizens. Shahid Madani Hospital is the only state cardiovascular and pediatric hospital that provides advanced cardiovascular services, including heart surgery, angiography, angioplasty and extra advanced services in pediatrics, infectious as well as internal diseases of infants, by experienced physicians and experts.
The hospital receives nearly 5000000000 rials from its own exclusive income as well as 2700000000 rials form the current budget of the hospital.
At present, the annual average statistics of hospital activities in the cardiology ward is as follows: 137888 outpatient services, 10686 inpatient services, 372 heart surgeries, 1625 angiography cases, 240 angioplasty cases.
There are six cardiovascular specialists, three cardiovascular surgeons, five pediatricians, two specialists of pediatric infectious diseases, one specialist of infants, ten general practitioners, one hundred and eighty three nurses, thirty-one logistic personnel, and fifty-eight ministerial employees working in the hospital.