About the Department

Department of Anesthesiology commenced its operation in 1992 admitting thirty students. Anesthesiology is one of the branches of allied medical sciences. During their studies, students are acquainted with the principles and methods of anesthesia, equipment and various anesthetics and care of patients who are either anesthetized or are experiencing local anesthesia, before and after, the administration of drugs. Students are trained to administer anesthetics and support patients while recovering under the supervision of specialists in medical and educational centers.



  • Training students to examine the needs of all patients during and after the administration of anesthetics
  • Training students to improve hygienic measures, secure health and elevate care status in order to satisfy patients
  • Training students to attend to patients subject to anesthetics in intensive care units
  • Training students capable of reviving patients in emergency cases
  • Training students who can effectively inform not only the patient but also his care-givers as to the best methods of home care
  • Training students who can establish appropriate relationships amongst themselves and the patient

Activities of the Department

  • Theoretical and practical training of students for both associate and bachelor degrees according to curricula
  • Holding practical courses 1 & 2 for students in educational hospitals and updating them with the latest methods in anesthesiology, in all surgical wards, especially in neurology, ophthalmology, gynecology and obstetrics, and open heart surgery wards
  • Holding practical courses in medical training centers in order to train students to work in CCU, ICU and the Emergency Ward
  • Holding classes which includes operations such as IV finding, changing dressings, advanced CPR, dissolving drugs scientifically, first aid and taking splints
  •  Indirect relationship with the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education
  • Conducting research projects
  • Attending seminars and refreshing courses, and publishing articles in scholarly journals

Faculty Members

Jahanbakhsh Rezanejadei

instructor of anesthesiology

Head of the Department


Behzad Moradi

instructor of critical care nursing

faculty member